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Identifying The Problem & The Solution


Unity Recovery Group is located in peaceful, luxurious surroundings just minutes away from Florida’s beaches. We provide holistic, dual-diagnosis treatment for chemical dependency that is customized specifically for each person. Unlike other centers, our alcohol and drug rehab programs include an additional focus on nutrition, fitness, and pain management, touching all aspects of an individual’s needs. Unity Recovery Group’s highly-trained therapists guide each person through the process of discovery and healing during their quest for freedom from active addiction.

Navigating Recovery with MAPS

Unity Recovery Group offers a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan that gives our patients access to our multi-faceted approach from detox to drug and alcohol rehabilitation to lifetime aftercare. Addiction makes it difficult to stay on life’s course. It’s time to re-calibrate your compass and focus on the Mind, Addiction, Physical, and Spiritual (MAPS) aspects of your life.

Through our MAPS method, Unity Recovery Group will use innovative approaches to guide you from addiction to a healthy lifestyle. Applying the MAPS philosophy will ensure that you understand your addiction, address its emotional pull, and focus on renewed strength provided by physical health and spirituality. Unity Recovery Group’s MAPS process delivers a personalized, holistic alternative to standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

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