Triggr Health

Effective, individualized options for addiction recovery.

We support you on your personal path to long-term remission and the life you want.

Certain types of pain are hard to understand, impossible to verbalize, consuming, and debilitating.

Triggr Health helps you create a plan and path to meaningful, long-lasting relief from opioid, alcohol, and other substance dependency.

We’re not a rehab facility or an app. We’ve created a totally new system of care. One that understands where you are and how you’re feeling, and has your back 24/7.

No embarrassment, no guilt, no shame. Just unconditional support in the moments that matter most.

It’s Time to Talk About It.

The system is broken. We need to understand that substance dependency is not a personal failing, but a real, complex manifestation of pain and a chronic disease.

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We’re in This Together.

Over 20 million people in the US have a substance use disorder and millions more drink or use in unhealthy amounts. You are not alone.

By day we’re engineers, data scientists, product leaders, and medical experts. We each understand what that often indescribable pain can feel like. Our advisory team includes the leading addiction treatment experts in the country.

We’re here to help you reduce pain and take steps towards a better life in a way that fits your lifestyle.

We wanted to create a way for people to have a full system of care in the privacy of their own home and at a price they can afford.

The anxiety and worry that was consuming me most of my life is removed and the freedom from it is amazing. I’m no longer ashamed of what I didn’t understand and didn’t know how to control. No one would choose this disease. I am grateful to know now there are tools to manage this, my disease.
Donna Lynn

Join the thousands who have chosen Triggr to help relieve pain, rebuild trust, restore relationships, and more.

Triggr Health is accessible today through healthcare systems and providers. We are currently in the process of expanding our system of care to communities and individuals.
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