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about us

Substance abuse can be so harrowing to many families in the United States, but there isn’t as much information available as I would like. Hi, my name is Tom Anderson and I aim to help as many people through substance abuse tribulations as I possibly can. 

My brother has been an abuser of substances for a long time – both illegal drugs and alcohol. After many hazy years, he finally came to me and told me that he wanted to change. He felt as though he could confide in me as I had never turned my back on him.

As I set out to help my brother get through his substance abuse, I found that so much information online is either judgemental, unhelpful, or masking a business plan to get you to spend money. 

Nothing that I found online had helped me, and if my brother had read any of it, I dread to think how the negative connotations would have affected his recovery. 

From that day, I decided that I wanted to create Triggr Health in a bid to make recovery and control over substance abuse just a little bit easier. If I can just help one family or individual going through this incredibly difficult situation, then I’d be relieved. 

For anyone struggling with substance abuse, believe when I say that it does get better – with the right help. I hope that my website can be a source of comforting information without judgment. 

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