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2735 N KY Hwy 501 , 40442, Kentucky
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The Liberty Ranch

The Liberty Ranch believes in providing well rounded treatment that addresses the complex mental health conditions that go along with addiction while simultaneously helping clients build a strong foundation in a 12-step program. The emphasis at the Ranch is placed on helping the individual identify and change the behavior patterns that are causing them to relapse while developing healthier and adaptive behaviors conducive to sobriety. Through the help of experienced peer support specialists and licensed clinicians, residents gain a working knowledge of their triggers and have a set of tools that help them successfully live their life sober and to good purpose.

Set in the hills of rural Kentucky, in the community of Kings Mountain, the Liberty Ranch offers short- and long-term structured transitional living for adults struggling with substance abuse disorders. The facility is a peer-run, community-based center, where staff members are in also in active recovery. Next to the structured transitional living facility is the Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center, where residents go to receive clinically based services such as substance abuse treatment classes, psychotherapy, and family counseling. These services are also available to people in the community who are not residential

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