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Discovery180 specializes in delivering the most effective Medication Assisted Treatment for adults suffering from addiction to opiates, while also offering treatment and recovery to alcohol abuse, smoking addiction and overeating disorder in the comfort and convenience of an outpatient treatment setting. Our team of renowned certified addiction physicians and multidisciplinary specialists takes a revolutionary one-on-one approach throughout the entire process, customizing care in an integrative and tailored approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our success is based on the success of the people we serve. We understand that our patients lead busy lives achieving their goals in the workplace and at home, which is why we offer the most convenient addiction treatment available without the painful side effects often associated with traditional care. Our team of experts integrates treatment programs into our patient’s schedules and helps them maintain their normal lives with minimal disruption.

Discovery180 is the perfect one-stop solution for professionals, students, stay-at-home moms or others who need a more convenient or affordable option than traditional inpatient and residential treatment models. Our private pay, out-patient clinic provides a safe and effective alternative for individuals who cannot afford to take a month or more off from work or disrupt their lives to attend traditional treatment programs without embarrassing explanations or jeopardizing career, relationships or academic goals.

Put simply—our mission is to help individuals suffering from addiction to make the 180 degree turn to restoration of their private and professional lives.

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