Triggr Health


Welcome to Triggr Health! The Triggr Health “Program” (the “Program”) is a platform that includes non-clinical, peer-based support developed by Triggr Health, Inc. (“Triggr”). By signing this Consent and Acknowledgment, I hereby understand and agree to the following:

1. My participation in the Program is entirely voluntary.

2. I understand that the purpose of the Program is to share practical information and emotional support and not for the purpose of obtaining or providing medical or other clinical advice. I further understand that my primary care physician retains ultimate authority for medical and clinical advice, diagnosis, and treatment, and I will direct all medical and clinical questions and concerns to my primary care physician.

3. I understand that peer support personnel of Triggr may, from time to time, contact me via the phone or other electronic means that I register with Triggr.

4. I agree that if I have an urgent or emergency medical condition, I will contact my primary care physician or call 911 and will not rely upon Triggr, any peer support personnel of Triggr, or other users of Triggr to provide medical care or advice in such circumstances.

5. I am responsible for providing Triggr with truthful and accurate information, including information I submit through the Triggr website, mobile application, or otherwise for the Program.

6. Triggr may disclose information received as part of the Program to family members or other individuals I have expressly authorized to receive such information.

7. This Consent and Acknowledgment will remain in effect until written affirmative revocation of this Consent and Acknowledgment by me to Triggr.