Care Network

Provide great care,
get connected
with great clients.

The Triggr Care Network is an invitation-only program for world-class providers that have demonstrated an ability to deliver superior long-term outcomes for their patients.

We’ve structured this network so that the best treatment programs get the most clients, period. We are changing the recovery industry such that it’s no longer paying the most money that gets you the most patients. This structure provides those patients with the best chance to reach long-term remission.
Thank you so, so much for being here for me. You’ve saved my life more than once.

J.R, Triggr Health Participant
How to Apply
Due to the volume of applications we‘ve received, we‘re not currently accepting new applicants. However, enter your information below and we‘ll contact you when we‘re accepting new candidates.

Who is Triggr Health?
Through our 24/7 digital behavioral support platform, Triggr Health works with tens of thousands of people to change their relationship with alcohol and drug use. Many of these folks are in need of additional in-person support, and when they are ready, we give them the data to make an informed decision about what treatment provider is right for them. We‘ve learned that when these clients see who is providing great care, they will choose the highest quality providers every time.
Benefits of being in the TCN
Client Match
Clients that you can serve matched by need, insurance and geography
Client Referrals
Clients referrals for people that are in the "action" stage of change
Actionable Data
Actionable long-term outcome data on your patients
Tracking Tools
Simple tools and support for tracking your patients from admission through 2 years of remission
Support Tools
Behavioral support tools to increase retention during treatment and to reduce relapses post treatment
Thank you so much for being there for me. I’ve never talked openly about this struggle. I can’t talk to friends & I don’t want to scare my hubby. Knowing I’m not being judged & it won’t get thrown back at me, is huge. Thank you.
B.N, Triggr Health Participant