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A Data-Driven Continuum Spanning Physical and Digital

Addiction treatment today is insufficient and therefore ineffective for most people. It is a complex and chronic condition, but treated in acute, episodic based fashion with a one-size-fits-all pathway. Treatments span 28 days to three months when most people require at least two years to see meaningful outcomes.

The road to recovery takes more. Triggr Health is an end-to-end system that spans physical and digital. We focus on getting people to two years initial remission, but really a lifetime of meaningful recovery.

Our system takes into account individual goals and needs, and adapts along the way. It’s driven by real-time data insight. We combine that data with the right technology, the right medication, and the right behavioral health therapy. We do it all in a way that gives people the freedom to change their life in the privacy of their own home and at a price they can afford.

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Truly Personalized Technology

Machine learning allows Triggr Health to unobtrusively understand and adapt to our participants’ unique challenges and behaviors. We use patterns to understand and predict your state of recovery in real-time, all while you go about building the life you want.

It’s a support system that gets where you’re coming from, like a loved one’s intuition. We can then provide care exactly when and where it’s needed whether that’s through a text, a call, a message, or something else.

24/7 Recovery Advocates

Professionally trained, unconditional, unbiased support at the hardest moments

Convenient and Transparent

For craving management, motivation, peer support, and forward-thinking behavior change

Science-Based Prevention Tools

Easily engage with your recovery, doctors, therapists, and/or support system on your terms

Our technology allows us to not only learn about individuals, but learn across individuals and more accurately predict when people might need a little help.

The Right Therapy

Addiction is often hiding a deeper, even more inexplicable pain and struggle. It’s only by understanding the true nature of that secondary condition that we can find lasting relief.

An integral part of our system is cognitive behavioral therapy. We help you find a professional that can address all of your pain. Our technology then supports wherever it’s needed most, allowing you to focus on the changes you’re working towards with your therapist.

The Right Medication

Substance dependency is a chronic medical condition. Medication-based treatment is proven effective in many situations. We fully believe it should be an option to all.

We connect prescribers with participants when appropriate so they can fully and effectively address all of the factors causing pain, whether that’s the addiction or a secondary condition. Our technology then provides extra support at the hardest times, outside of the doctor’s office.

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Redefining Success

Sobriety is not the only endpoint for recovery. Substance dependency is not a moral failing.

Our goal is simple:

Identify your personal goal and help you reach that goal. We help you reduce use, but we also help you take steps towards a healthier life as you define it.

We call it active recovery. It’s about continuously moving towards the goal even when you take a step back or two. Together we learn, recalibrate, and try again tomorrow.

We understand that life sometimes really sucks. When it does, we’re always here to get through it with you.

Safe and Secure

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We protect the people we serve. All participant data is securely encrypted and compliant with with the best practices for security. Everything is de-identified and HIPAA compliant.

Data is securely routed to our clinicians and recovery professionals so that they can make informed decisions about recovery, progress, and support.

We only handle the data you share, and we only share it with those you choose.

Join the thousands who have chosen Triggr to help relieve pain, rebuild trust, restore relationships, and more.

Triggr Health is accessible today through healthcare systems and providers. We are currently in the process of expanding our system of care to communities and individuals.
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